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About Dr.Shen

Dr.Shen is an Australian Government Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner with over 25 years experience. He worked for 14 years in China as a Chinese Medicine Doctor after graduating from the Nanjing Chinese Medicine University with a major in acupuncture in 1990. He was the Deputy Director of Chinese medicine at the University from 1995 – 2004 before moving to Australia.
With 20 years clinical experience, Dr.Shen’s passion is in the treatment of weight loss. Using traditional Chinese medicine he has also developed successful treatments for gynecological diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, lumbar disk herniation, sciatica, insomnia, sports injuries and constipation.
Dr.Shen is a member of Jiangsu Disability Identification Committee and Chinese Acupuncture Institute (Clinical Branch) specializing in obesity, and is a director of the Jiangsu Acupuncture Institute.